The second week of January was a full week of ten- to twelve-hour days giving everything I’ve got to a website design proposition, but it was good.

I taught myself Adobe XD and in less than a week created a brand-new site design for a company here in Austin called Aceable. They’re a fantastic company, and I decided to create them an awesome website (without being asked) that reflects who they are. 

The Site I Designed

I spent a lot of time reviewing Aceable’s website, their courses, their brand, their voice, and their style before diving into a redesign. I love the services they offer, they make some pretty great videos, and they’re changing education by providing a better way for people to learn how to drive.

The biggest thing I wanted to do was create a site that really pushes the call to action: get your certification with Aceable.

So I created a simpler, cleaner design that really shows off what they do.

I’ve written up detailed documentation of the new site’s design and created a demo you can scroll through–check out the entire project here.

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