October 2018

10.28 Finish the first month of The Grammar Dictionary 

10.8 Send out the first emails for The Grammar Dictionary

10.1-7 Create the Grammar Dictionary

September 2018

9.21 Produced two personal videos and started a YouTube channel. That was fun

9.10-17 Spent the week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for family vacation

9.7 First week of Praxis is a wrap–completed it a day early!

9.1 Praxis begins! Module One will consist of editing pre-program deliverables, writing more, consuming content, and thinking ahead

August 2018

8.15-31 Getting ready to start Praxis, a twelve-month apprenticeship program for entrepreneurs

8.13 Return home from Hudson, Ohio—internship has ended

8.3-4 Run a broadcast camera for RZIM’s Remind Conference

July 2018

7.29 Longest bike ride to date: 42 miles

7.25-27 Three-day road trip to Chicago with my host family

7.10-14, 17-21 Make highlight videos for Ambassador’s Soccer Camp

7.1-9 Road trip to Washington D.C. and New York City with my sister in the red mini van

Overall: Went on a lot of awesome bike rides, spent a lot of time learning from the guys I worked with, slept very few hours, and drank a lot of black tea

June 2018

6.9, 11-15, 18-22 Run ProPresenter for VBC at CCC

Also: Learned how to use a video switcher, run broadcast cameras for weekend services, and drive for long periods of time–visited Fallingwater, Pittsburgh, Presque Isle State Park, Cleveland (and the art museum), Colombus, and New York

May 2018

5.21 Move to Hudson, Ohio for a summer-long media and communications internship at Christ Community Chapel